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Stuart Court Residential Home


Methodist Homes for the Aged has been operating on the island since 1975 and runs two residential care homes, Maison la Corderie and Stuart Court. A leaflet about the homes can be downloaded here

A Statement of Purpose, with much relevant information, can be found here

The fees of the home can be found here

The Eat Safe Jersey rating can be found here

As a charity the board exists to provide quality care for older people in a way that reflects our Christian values. The homes however, accept residents of all religions or none.

The staff take great pride in providing excellent, professional care within surroundings where, as far as possible, emphasis is placed on creating the feeling that this is their home rather than an institution.

The website for Stuart Court of the Methodist Homes for the Aged (Jersey) Ltd is in the process of having content added

Stuart Court

Rue de Haut

St. Lawrence



Tel. 726936

Jersey Charity Registration No. 65: Click here for our badge
and here for the certificate